Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Today I Will…

  • Love my Lord, because He is my Father, and He is Worthy.
  • Love my husband, because he is my partner, friend, lover, encourager, hand-holder, tear-dryer, spiritual leader, job working, awesome kind of man that God sent my way. He is truly my heart's desire.
  • Love myself, because God does not make junk (you only see junk in creation because someone else has put it there!)
  • Love my family, because they are His blessing and gift to me.
  • Love my friends, because I am blessed with supportive and thoughtful people in my life.
  • Love my co-workers, because I am blessed to have a job.
  • Love my enemies, because forgiveness sets me free.
  • Love those I don't even know, because when I do things for the "least of these" not only have I done it as unto God, but I am able to show His love to others.

These are hard "wills" to live by sometimes. We never know where our day may take us, but we have the opportunity to go freely. Now, what we choose to do with it is another story. 

For today, and tomorrow, and the next day, try something new.
  • Give over $5 to the person at the end of the exit ramp holding the "Will work for Food" sign. Just do it. You have no control over what he or she does with it, but I can tell you from personal experience, it is not on your head. Or donate that $1 to the grocery store for a shamrock, or wherever it is in your community. The biggest thing that will happen is not only will God *smile* but you will feel good about doing something "for your neighbor" or "the least of these."
  • Call your husband at lunch time, take him lunch, or make him lunch to take with him (with a hot steamy love note!) Little things that we do for each other, whether it's every day or a surprise, mean so much to someone. This will put a skip in his step, a sparkle in his eyes, and a *smile* on his face. (Already 2 smiles so far!) Fostering and showing love is important. As Toby Mac sings "Love is a Verb": This is an action word, descriptions are great but the old adage "actions speak louder" really is true! So get moving!
  • Spend some YOU time! What's stopping you from going on the ladies' retreat? Going to get a manicure? No money? Ok, what's stopping you from grabbing a book, blanket, and reading in the sunshine? Don't take electronics!!! No phone, no Ipad, no Kindle, no laptop: JUST YOU! Another *smile!* Suggested reading? Read a devotional (they're small for lack of time), take your bible, take Hemingway or Shakespeare, or Hunger Games. Or even one of my favorite short fiction writers, Fanny Fern. Yes, even Twilight, if you must.
  • Speak positive. Ever heard the term "don't give the devil a foothold?" NO, I'm not getting all religious on you. Here's my point, negativity breeds negativity, thus overflowing to those around you. Don't feel positive? Start counting your blessings (like those beautiful, messy children you work so hard for! or your husband, fiancĂ©, boyfriend, sibling, and/or friends) or "FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!" Yep, sometimes, if we tell ourselves over and over and over and over (like a skipping record lol), we will believe it. If this were not true, marketing TV commercials would be pointless.
  • PS.... Gossip is NEGATIVITY! Stay away. Run for cover. Lock yourself in your room. Don't let the gossip hit your ears. If someone looks at you and says "Did you hear what so and so....?" Be BOLD. Just say NO! For garbage that Goes In, must always Go Out. GIGO. I'm also forewarning you that gossip sometimes comes in the form of a prayer request lol (e.g. "Please pray for Bobby-Sue. Her man's out running around on her, and just think of those babies......." You know you've heard it. You're probably visualizing someone at this very moment. You don't have to know the steamy details. God already does.
***On a side note, one great way to BE positive is to write positive statements on sticky notes and post them all around so you can read them no matter what room you are in (I do this some days). ***
I have only listed 3 things for you to do or 4 if you count the gossip separately. Do 1 or 2 or 3. Create new ones for yourself. Ultimately, you are in charge of what spoils or brightens your day. Be Bold. Take Charge of your sunshine flow. Don't let things crawl under skin and darken your day. Use those moments for the 'stuff' you have no control over, like sickness or death.

If you are a male reading this story, (no, I wasn't forgetting you guys), you can do these very same things. Love on your wives! They are your backbone. Support. Confidante. Helper. Make today not just "Population me" as Matthew West says, but rather population you plus however many lives you can touch today!


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