Thursday, March 29, 2012

Airplane? What? Really?

My account of the past week of my crazy life!

Ok, so I took my very first airplane ride. I'm 39. This should tell you it was not for pleasure. I wasn't afraid to fly; I had just never had a reason. So, my husband was in Boston over the weekend and had an accident on Sunday. I am very proud of myself that in a stressful situation that I can pull off making a plane reservation and kind-of knowing what to do afterward.

Initially, I had planned to go on my very first plane ride, in May with my family to visit (and meet new) in-laws that did and didn't come to the wedding. Not anymore lol. That will be my second flying experience.

So, my husband had a seizure and conked his noggin on the ground (I can say that with ease now). I wanted to be there so badly that if I could have wiggled my nose like Samantha Stevens, I would have been by his side instantly. The doctor's kept telling me not to catch a flight in case they needed more medical info. Ok... pacing, waiting, pacing, waiting, does not make for a happy wife (of only 4 months!) 

Let me insert here the absolute LOVE shown by my family (his and mine!) My sister-in-law used her flying miles for my ticket! My sister made sure my kiddo was cared for! Lots of prayers from everyone, especially during a difficult time of cancer illness on the Donica side of the family! I <3 you ALL! You are priceless!!!

So I took the plunge.

My sister dropped me at the airport 40 minutes prior to my flight. Jet Blue (and this is my own deal... nothing sponsored or all that jazz) made my first flying experience better than I could ever have imagined, given the circumstances. From the ladies at the check-in counter to the gate (where they were already boarding lol) to the flight attendant! They all put my mind at ease and were so understanding.

I landed in Boston at 8:30 p.m., and thought "I'll take a cab to the hotel." Cab fares are nothing more than legal highway robbery. I am so thankful for my own vehicle, even with the price of gas! $117.70 later, I arrived at the Marriott Courtyard in Foxborough, MA, where I was treated like absolute FAMILY! The staff are the most precious people that God could have ever put in my path! Without pouring over all of the details, by the time I left the next day, I truly felt like I was leaving behind family! Kudos to this hotel (also nothing sponsored, nothing gained by the way, except good people looking out for others.) They were just awesome!

So, I couldn't find the key to my husband's rental car, and I was not paying another cab, because the hospital was Rhode Island Trauma Hospital. So, how was I going to get to another state? Especially since I had no idea of where I was in Mass. *sigh* So, I went to grab something to eat downstairs in the hotel's bistro, and I met Jackie. What a precious gift from Heaven! She did not get off from work until midnight, but offered me a ride to the hospital. WOW! Really? Yes, really! :)

At 1:20 a.m. I was by my precious husband's side having no idea of how we would get back to the hotel or anything else for that matter. I called the hotel the following morning to let them know that the car key was not in my husband's belongings. Immediately, they were on the phone with EMS and police officer that was on the scene to see if they may have kept it with them. No luck. Danielle (operations mgr.) was on the phone on our behalf speaking to Enterprise to try to see what could be done. WOW! Really? YEP! :) During the time I was on the phone with Danielle, Jackie sent me a text message asking how we were doing and if all was ok. No, I'm not making this up! It was SUPER!

Danielle sends a local proprietor named Great Woods Shuttle (no, not paid for this kudos either lol, even though the hotel did pay the fare for us : ). Russ, the gentleman who was driving just happened to be the owner. He was hot on the trail of the hotel because our flight home left at 3 p.m. and it was already 1 p.m. What a genuine and all-around nice fellow! He made us feel right at home! (And ps... he's a WHOLE lot cheaper than a cab fare!)

Back at the hotel, thankfully, my husband found the key immediately in his Saturday's clothing (who would've known?) We said many thank you's to the awesome staff (Karen, the G.M., Danielle). There hotel is beautiful and I can't wait to go back this summer and explore and enjoy time there.

So, off to the airport we return the rental to Enterprise, and apparently Danielle had explained our medical emergency and they comped the extra day for us! That's why I love Enterprise (nope... the only thing given was they comped the cost of the extra day and 4 gallons of gas).

We made our flight home with 20 minutes to spare! No colonoscopy from the TSA (probably the reason I haven't flown lol). And I was in the air, heading home, with my precious love by my side!) Wow! Isn't God awesome?!?!?!!! He put exactly the perfect people in my path during that 24 hour period! I could never show my gratitude to all of the great people who helped us, showed us so much concern, and became a permanent part of my family! Thanks to all!

Now, the most beautiful part.... my husband is doing well! 4 staples in his head from the fall, but I am blessed! Don't take a moment of life for granted. You never know what can happen in a split second. You never know if your last words to someone are truly your last words. I'm very thankful that our last words are ALWAYS...

I love you <3


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